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The world has changed. The COVID crisis has heightened our anxiety, increased stress and, for the essential services industries, driven workloads through the roof.

Now, more than ever, we have to keep fundamentals like mental fitness, physical health and safety in mind. Good sleep and proper fatigue management are building blocks for the fundamentals.

If you are an essential services worker or involved with the management of fatigue and safety for the essential services workforce, I would like to provide you with FREE support during the COVID crisis.

If you are an essential services worker having sleep problems or looking for ways to stay alert while working during the COVID crisis, I have started a FREE sleep coaching forum where you can ask for tips, pointers and temporary hacks to get you through these challenging times.

If you are a manager or supervisor looking for ways to keep your 24/7 workforce safe and healthy during these challenging times, I have started a FREE fatigue managers forum where you can ask for science-based fatigue management advice, organizational fatigue prevention strategies and countermeasures, and support for your 24/7 workforce.

Fatigue Management Network Forums

Why the Discussion Forum Style? I opted for the discussion forum approach because it is just me and my wonderful assistant, Tamara Cubaynes, keeping our boat afloat right now. I figured that if Tamara and I can provide something that helps you, it might help others as well and the forum approach is a good way to share the information. Plus, I am sure that all the essential services workers, managers and supervisors out there probably have great ideas they may be able to share and make life a little easier for someone else right now.

Thank you to all the Essential Services Personnel for working so hard to keep the rest of us safe and healthy while we are practicing self-isolation and physical distancing.

P.S. If you are not part of the essential service workforce, feel free to join the forums anyway. We would like to give as many people as possible access to FREE support for sleep, alertness and fatigue management issues during these challenging times.

Sleep well and stay safe,

Clinton Marquardt – Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

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Clinton Marquardt – Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

Clinton Marquardt - Sleep & Fatigue Specialist

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